If you are looking for an excellent place to visit for the summer, you should consider visiting Kona, Hawaii. Experience paradise on earth on the Big Island of Hawaii. The Kona district can be found on the west side of Big Island. There are a lot of things to do in Kona, Hawaii, ranging from historical Hawaiian landmarks, snorkeling with manta rays, sailing the Kona coastline, and even local coffee farms.

Here are some of the exciting things that you can do in Kona, Hawaii:


There are various snorkeling areas around the Hawaiian Islands, but Kealakekua Bay is among the top, if not the best snorkeling site in Hawaii. Kealakekua Bay is in a pristine, remote location that offers natural wind protection. It is also the only designated underwater state park on the Big Island.

At Kealakekua Bay in Kona you can dive into the crystal clear waters and experience an exciting adventure exploring sea life. The waters are calm and pristine, where snorkelers can expect 100 feet of clear underwater visibility for some of the best underwater snorkeling in the world. Enjoy your time swimming with unique marine life not found in the rest of Hawaii, and experience a rainbow of colors by watching schools of brightly colored exotic fish dance through the multicolored coral reefs. Lucky snorkelers can also sometimes observe sea turtles and other marine life.


If your visiting Kona and wondering what to do during your stay, the night snorkeling tour with manta rays is one of the most majestic encounters you can have while snorkeling. See the large and beautiful creatures in their natural habitat on a night tour in Kona, Hawaii. Your tour will be guided by an expert, and you will be on the water’s surface with a flotation device while lights are projected underwater to attract plankton. You will get to see the manta rays up close while they gracefully glide through the water. You can’t freely snorkel while on the night tour as your fins and snorkel can hurt and damage the manta rays. Night snorkeling with the manta rays is one of the most breathtaking and sought-after experiences Kona has to offer.


The Kona Coastline is a great place to relax and sail. It is protected from harsh and robust winds by three mountain slopes. Sailors can expect gentle breezes and smooth conditions, ideal for a relaxing sail. Travelers who want to explore Hawaii by sea can book a fun sailing cruise on an authentic catamaran. Catamarans are one of the best ways to experience the Kona coastline. Many offer areas for sunbathing, resting, and eating, and some, like Kona Style, even provide a grand staircase to the water for snorkeling.

Enjoy your time sailing through the gentle waters of the Kona Coast visiting historical Hawaiian sites, snorkeling, reaching pristine beaches, and watching dolphins.


If you are in Hawaii, then attending a luau is one of the signature events that you have to experience. Have a great time at a festive feast with energetic music and exciting cultural performances native to Hawaii and the rest of Polynesia. Luaus are a celebration.

There are many luaus that are meant for tourists that offer authentic and fun experiences. Luaus include entertainment for guests in the form of cultural dances, demonstrations of traditional arts and crafts, and other performances. Get a taste of authentic local cuisines like the pua’a kalua or roasted pig, which is cooked underground for an entire day, and other Polynesian inspired dishes.


Kona, Hawaii is the birthplace of the legendary coffee of the same name. There are many coffee farms to chose from should you decide to visit. One is the Heavenly Hawaiian Coffee Farm where you can enjoy a free taste of their delicious 100% Kona coffee. They offer free tours from Monday to Saturday, starting at 9:15 AM until 4:00 PM. Experience the striking overview of the coffee farm, and see the process of making Kona Coffee first hand. See the Coffee trees and the arduous milling and drying of coffee beans. Then smell the wonderful aroma and exquisite taste of the best coffee and sweets of Kona, Hawaii.


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