If you’re planning on going on a boat snorkeling tour/cruise, it’s important to be aware of the safety risks and take the necessary precautions. Boat trips can be a lot of fun, but they also come with a few risks. In this post, we’ll talk about how to stay safe while snorkeling on a boat tour and how to best prepare for one.

What are snorkeling boat tours?

Snorkeling boat tours and cruises provide an opportunity to explore the ocean’s vibrant and abundant marine life. Offering up close views that would be impossible from dry land, deep-sea snorkeling boat trips are truly remarkable experiences not to be missed.

Most snorkeling tours provide a full package which includes snorkel gear, light snacks and drinks, and knowledgeable guides who know where the best spots to snorkel are and can point out specific species of marine life in the area. Plus, plenty of stops allow for rest and relaxation doing your tour. With snorkeling tours being safe yet still thrilling, it’s no surprise that these tours are so popular.

How does boat snorkeling differ from beach snorkeling?

Snorkeling on a boat offers brand new opportunities to explore. The freedom of the open water allows you to access areas with more diverse marine life than what is found close to shore. Also, underwater visibility increases since there are fewer waves to stir up the sand compared to snorkeling close to shore.

Staying Safe On Boat Snorkeling Tours

Boat snorkeling is perfectly safe, it just takes a bit of common sense and paying attention.

Listen To Your Captain

Going on a boat snorkeling tour is always an exciting experience, but it’s important to keep something in mind – your captain and crew are there for a reason. They know all the best places to spot sea life and the safe and best way to enjoy your experience so it’s important to follow their rules and suggestions. 

Follow Basic Snorkeling Safety Rules

You should always follow basic snorkeling safety rules.

  • Stick with a buddy
  • Keep the boat/shore in sight
  • Don’t touch marine life or coral
  • Use reef-safe sunscreen and re-apply every few hours to avoid bad sunburn or purchase dri-fit swimming shirts that offer UV protection
  • Pay attention to the weather and tides

Notify The Captain Of Any Potential Issues

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and that is especially true when it comes to medical issues onboard a boat. Regardless of how small the matter might be, the captain and crew should be aware of any potential medical problems so they can pay careful attention to any signs or symptoms that develop. With a full understanding of all passengers’ health history, the captain can inform everyone on board if there are certain activities or situations they should avoid in order to stay healthy. It takes only a few seconds to provide this information, which could make all the difference in preventing an emergency situation while out at sea.

Know Your Abilities

Knowing yourself and your limitations are the most important piece of information when planning activities. When it comes to snorkeling, having a good sense of your swimming ability, fitness level, and comfortability in the water will assist in making the experience more enjoyable. Swimming for extended periods of time and dealing with ocean currents are sometimes unavoidable during a snorkel and can be physically demanding. It is best to know your capabilities before attempting an adventure such as this, as it can be both challenging and dangerous if you find yourself out of your depth. Knowing where you stand before diving into new waters will ensure an optimal experience free from unnecessary worry. While crew members are there to assist, they do have other guests that they need to attend to as well, so you should not expect a crew member or lifeguard to stay next to you during the entire time you are in the water or teach you how to snorkel on the tour. It is always best for you to practice snorkeling in a pool or beach close to shore before joining any snorkel tour.

If you are prone to motion sickness, you may also want to seriously consider whether or not a snorkel tour is the right adventure for you. Snorkel tours can last up to 4 hours and if you are prone to motion sickness, it can make for a very long tour. There are numerous alternatives for guests that are prone to motion sickness and most of them can be purchased at any drug or sundry store. If you do decide to utilize one of these alternatives, it is always recommended that you read and follow the directions.

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