Kona, Hawaii is one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world. Snorkelers from all across the globe are drawn to the cool, calm, and clear waters to see some of the most exciting marine life and tropical fish (i’a) they’ve ever seen. You can’t go wrong with Hawaii if you’re planning a snorkeling vacation. Imagine how thrilling it’ll be to snorkel the colorful coral reefs and swim with some of the most unique species of marine life!

As life-changing as snorkeling can be, there are some things you should know first! Most importantly, what time of day is best to snorkel? There isn’t really a strict timeline to follow, and it will vary by location. We’re here to help you understand the fundamentals of timing your snorkeling to maximize your enjoyment.


For just about any snorkel spot in Hawaii, the morning is going to be the best time. The winds around the island can pick up as the day goes on, making the water pretty rough. You don’t want to have to deal with that when you’re trying to relax with a refreshing snorkeling adventure, trust us. That’s what makes the mornings so ideal for an open sea exploration or tour.

Not only will choppy waters make it harder for you to swim around in, but you’ll have an even trickier time trying to spot the local fish (i’a) and marine life. Since the entire reason you planned on snorkeling was to enjoy the fish, then morning snorkeling is your best bet to ensure calm waters and plenty of views!


It’s no secret that Hawaii is a windy island, and the winds are in full force as the day goes on! You wouldn’t want to be out in the open sea during the afternoon. Thankfully, there is a solution if you want to go for an afternoon snorkeling session! Coves and protected beaches with man-made walls or coral reef walls make for the perfect destination for afternoon snorkeling.

The walls shield you from most of the wind, and the tide is kept out too. The Kona Coast is home to countless coves and beaches that make it a prime location for your afternoon swimming adventures.


We’ve covered the morning and the afternoon, but what about the night? As enticing as a night swim might sound (since certain marine life only comes out at night), you’re not going to want to get caught snorkeling alone. If you do, you’ll run the risk of meeting some predatory marine life and sharks (mano) since they’re more likely to be out at night. While sharks are still fun to look at, you’ll put yourself in danger if you get too close.  Snorkeling at night should be planned and you should be well prepared.

If you’re certain, you want to experience a night snorkeling session, though not all hope is lost. Make sure you do so in a large group (a snorkeling tour, for example). Night snorkeling tours are actually famous on the island and involve swimming with manta rays (hahalua). You won’t find manta rays (hahalua) all that often in the day, so it’ll make for a rare experience exploring the waters at night!


Kona snorkeling tours will truly give you the best experience you could get in Hawaii. You could do all the exploring that you want yourself, but a tour will help streamline the whole thing and make sure you’re brought to the places you need to see the tropical fish (i’a). All equipment is included too, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.

The tour guides are there to maximize your fun! They’ll take you out to the best locations and point out all the fishes you could imagine. They’ll know the times of days and the bodies of water that’ll be the most interesting. And best of all, you’ll be in safe hands. They’ll look after you the whole time and make sure only to practice safe snorkeling! Oh, and do we even have to mention that you get snacks, too? What could be better?


That should clear up any questions you might have had about the best time of day to go snorkeling in Hawaii. With Kona Style Snorkel & Sail, you can go snorkeling in the beautiful Kealakekua Bay and spot tropical fish and dolphins. Book your tickets today!